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static void javamorph::CTriangulation::add ( CTriangle  temp  )  [inline, static, private]

Add one left & one right triangle. Points are fetched ordered from left & right mesh them self.

temp Input triangle.

Definition at line 146 of file CTriangulation.java.

References indexOf(), and triangles.

                l0 = CConfig.left_mesh.get(indexOf(temp.getPoints()[0])),
                l1 = CConfig.left_mesh.get(indexOf(temp.getPoints()[1])),
                l2 = CConfig.left_mesh.get(indexOf(temp.getPoints()[2])),
                r0 = CConfig.right_mesh.get(indexOf(temp.getPoints()[0])),
                r1 = CConfig.right_mesh.get(indexOf(temp.getPoints()[1])),
                r2 = CConfig.right_mesh.get(indexOf(temp.getPoints()[2]));
            CConfig.left_triangles.add(new CTriangle(l0, l1, l2));
            CConfig.right_triangles.add(new CTriangle(r0, r1, r2));

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