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javamorph::CTriangulation Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Program: JavaMorph V 1.1.
Class: CTriangulation.
License: GPLv2.
Description: Groups a set of points within one picture to a DELAUNAY triangulation.
Hint: Not more than 500 points expected.

Definition at line 25 of file CTriangulation.java.

Static Public Member Functions

static void triangulate ()

Static Private Member Functions

static void add (CTriangle temp)
static boolean circle ()
static void clear ()
static void debug ()
static boolean delaunayCond ()
static double distance (Point p)
static Point findNearest (Point p1)
static void findPoint ()
static int indexOf (Point p)
static void work ()

Static Private Attributes

static double center_x
static double center_y
static double circle_radius
static int count
static int height
static final Vector< Point > order = new Vector<Point>()
static Point p1
static Point p2
static Point pnew
static final HashSet< Point > points = new HashSet<Point>()
static final Queue< Point[]> queue = new ArrayDeque<Point[]>()
static final HashSet< CTriangletriangles
static final HashSet< CLineused = new HashSet<CLine>()
static int width

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