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javamorph::CPolygonDecorator Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Program: JavaMorph V 1.1.
Class: CPolygonDecorator.
License: GPLv2.
Description: Draw the polygon to the parent component.
Hint: User can move polygon points by mouse. Used to merge the pictures selectively. Pixel operations performed on one of the both ratio matrixes.

Definition at line 28 of file CPolygonDecorator.java.

Public Member Functions

void clip ()
 CPolygonDecorator (CFrame parent, Vector< Point > polygon, BufferedImage image, File f_poly, double clip[][], File f_clip)
void genClip ()
void init ()
void load ()
void mouseClicked (MouseEvent e)
void mouseDragged (MouseEvent e)
void mouseEntered (MouseEvent e)
void mouseExited (MouseEvent e)
void mouseMoved (MouseEvent e)
void mousePressed (MouseEvent e)
void mouseReleased (MouseEvent e)
void paint (Graphics g)
void run ()

Static Public Attributes

static final Color CURSOR_COLOR = Color.red
static final Color POLYGON_COLOR = Color.cyan

Private Member Functions

void drawLine (Point p1, Point p2)
void fill ()
int getIndex (Point p)
void smoothCircle (Point p)
void smoothLine (Point p1, Point p2)

Private Attributes

double clip [][]
File f_clip
File f_poly
BufferedImage image
int index = 0
CFrame parent
Vector< Point > polygon
Point pos = new Point(0, 0)

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