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javamorph::CMorphOperator Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Program: JavaMorph V 1.1.
Class: CMorphOperator.
License: GPLv2.
Description: Morph the result from left input to right input depending on the ratio parameter.
Hint: Writes the result into the working directory.

Definition at line 24 of file CMorphOperator.java.

Public Member Functions

void run ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void doBreak ()
static void morph (CMain parent, CProgress progress)

Static Private Member Functions

static void genResultTriangles ()
static void merge ()
static Point merge (Point p1, Point p2)
static void triangle ()

Static Private Attributes

static boolean f_break
static int left_pixel
static Point left_point = new Point()
static double left_ratio
static CTransform left_trafo
static CMain parent
static CProgress progress
static double ratio
static int result_pixel
static Point result_point = new Point()
static int right_pixel
static Point right_point = new Point()
static double right_ratio
static CTransform right_trafo
static int t_idx
static Point withins []

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