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javamorph::CFrame Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Program: JavaMorph V 1.1.
Class: CFrame.
License: GPLv2.
Description: JComponent to show either the left picture of the right one.
Hint: Paint operation also performed by the four decorators (a pattern).

Definition at line 24 of file CFrame.java.

Public Member Functions

 CFrame (CMain parent, Vector< Point > mesh, Vector< Point > polygon, BufferedImage image, double clip[][], File f_mesh, File f_polygon, File f_clip)
void genClip ()
Rectangle getImageBounds ()
CMain getParent ()
Dimension getPreferredSize ()
void initMesh ()
void initPolygon ()
void paint (Graphics g)
int scaleMarkSize ()
void scalePoint (Point p)
void update (Graphics g)

Static Public Attributes

static final Color BACKGROUND = Color.black
static final int EDIT_MESH = 1
static final int EDIT_POLYGON = 2
static final Dimension PREF_SIZE = new Dimension(400,300)

Private Attributes

double clip [][]
CMeshDecorator dmesh
CPictureDecorator dpicture
CPolygonDecorator dpolygon
CPopupMenuDecorator dpopup
File f_clip
BufferedImage image
Vector< Point > mesh
BufferedImage moffline
CMain parent
Vector< Point > polygon

Static Private Attributes

static final long serialVersionUID = 1L

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